The entrance in our facilities means full acceptance of the operation and safety rules.
The Adventure Park offers activities and adventures in nature. During the flying routes, the participant goes through routes in height above and between trees with autonomy. The activity consists of increasing difficulty passages marked by color coding: green, red and black.
Adventure Park provides you with:
- The supply of equipment for self-insurance flying routes.
- Description of activities along with instructions for using the equipment.
- Participation in the demonstration route at the initial phase of the activity.
- Advice on request from visitors.
Terms of Participation and Entrance in Adventure Park
- The stay in Adventure Park is permitted only to holders of entrance bracelets or activity bracelet of flying routes.
- No access to public facilities is permitted beyond the opening hours.
- During the stay in our facilities all visitors should wear activity bracelet or entrance bracelet by paying the corresponding price in the central cash register.
- The visitor should have clothing proportional to the activity.
- For your own safety, long hair must be tied up and remove over your scarves, keys, scarves and sharp objects that could potentially block their neck or create an injury risk.
- No pets are allowed.
- All participants should be in perfect mental and physical condition. The activities of the park are not allowed to pregnant women or people suffering from health issues that prohibit their participation in those activities (i.e. allergies, cardiovascular, disorders, orthopedic problems, vertigo, fear of heights, acrophobia e.t.c.).
- The management of Adventure Park has the right to exclude any participant who's behavior may cause distress to other park visitors or the management of the park. In that case the ticket will not be refunded.The maximum duration of rope courses cannot be more than 3 hours. If you personally remove your safety equipment you won’t be able to take it back and the rope courses activity will be ended automatically.
- You are in nature: you are requested to adopt a careful and responsible behavior.
- Adventure Park is not responsible for participants who violate the safety rules.
- Adventure Park is not responsible for any accident or damage into the park and it's parking lot regarding the flora and fauna, weather conditions and random or unpredicted incidents or the violation of Adventure Park safety and operation regulation.
- Adventure Park is not responsible for loss or theft of objects and belongings due to unexpected events and weather conditions into the park and it's parking lot. Safety Rules
- All safety rules are provided to you before the activity starts. Attending the safety rules briefing is obligatory for all participants.
- Your participation to the initial demonstration route is obligatory. Make sure you have checked your self-safety equipment along with our staff before you begin.
- Climbing on the trees or executing activities is forbidden unless you use your safety equipment material.
- During the aerial route on the trees, you have to be tied up with at least one red link/ring on the safety wire which has a similar red tape. Otherwise, you put yourself in severe danger for which our company does not hold any responsibility.
- Placing your hand over the tree wire or in front of the pulley in zip lines, while you speed, is forbidden due to risk of injury.
- It is forbidden for more than 2 individuals to stay on the tree platforms at the same time and for more than 1 on the wires between the trees.
- During any route it is not allowed for you to descend alone from the platform. You are obligated to call our staff members and wait them to help you descend from the platform when you wish to.
- The people accompanying non-adults are responsible for the under-aged. Those accompanying should be present during the initial showing of the activity phase and remain on the site of the activities ensuring that the under-aged participants follow SAFETY AND OPERATION REGULATION OF ADVENTURE PARK and our staff members' remarks.
- You are participating in our activities autonomous; you are responsible for your safety.
We welcome suggestions and comments to improve our services. For this purpose, please fill in the special form that is available at the reception.
We wish you a pleasant day stay in Adventure Park