Group Activity Prices - Information

How much does it cost?


Flying Routes, time period of three hours:

1) Flying routes bracelets: (minimum of 15 bracelets) 12 € per bracelet

                Bracelets for park entrance including coffee & water (minimum of 15 bracelets): 2 € per bracelet

 2) Flying routes bracelets: (minimum 40 bracelets) 10 € per bracelet

                Bracelets for park entrance including coffee & water (minimum of 40 bracelets): 2 € per bracelet

If the bracelets are less than 15 in each category, normal prices apply.

The bracelets prices apply only if you have received a confirmation e-mail after the completion of the reservation.

If you want to include extra games like Bungee Trampoline / Archery ,you get 25% discount on the original price of games.

You can stay all day in the area ,until the sunset.

For participants over the age of 7 , your own supervision is not necessary. For the small squirrels (3-7 years old) there should be supervision by parents-escorts.

The use of the belt of flying routes may not exceed three hours per day based on safety regulation. You can stay all day in the area ,until the sunset.


The reservation can only be made electronically on our website: (reservation for groups / party). State indicatively how many people you expect to invite without being reserved. Deposit is not needed, and for the closing of the bill you must return to the cashier the unused bracelets and then be informed of the total cost price. Payment can be made via credit / debit card.

After booking?

You will recieve a confirmation e-mail for the availability and also an additional telephone confirmation two days prior of the desired date.


In case of prohibitive weather conditions you can transfer the date to an other available date by contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To organize you meal, you can search for a Delivery in a neighboring region as the park does not have the above option.

During the game, the participants will be able to make small breaks if they get hungry. Only at the end of the game and not at its duration, you will be able to offer food and sweet to the participants.


To print the invitations (the park does not have printed invitation) you can follow

the link below

Party time!

Upon arrival at the park, you will be accompanied to the place that we have reserved for you and then we will help you to store whatever you need in our refrigerators. (2 shelves maximum). Then we will supply you with the parents' bracelets that include a ticket for coffee and bottled water which your adult guests wear, as well as children bracelets for flying routes that can be used as tickets to start the game.

What else you need to know?

In order to keep your birthday cake or sweets fresh in the refrigerator, the dimensions of the disc-mirror must not exceed 45x45 centimeters.

Escorts of minors must state their exact age. In case of false declaration, the Adventure Park takes no responsibility

In the following link you can see photos and videos from the park: